Recognize the Games Narcissists Play

When I finally understood the narcissistic “games” that my spouse was playing, it was a relief. It explained so many things. While scary and upsetting, it provided sanity as well. There was a reason he did the manipulative, mean, controlling things he did: Narcissism. The label didn’t excuse his behavior, instead, it gave me a framework to understand behavior that had been so confusing. I realized I wasn’t the crazy one. And I wasn’t the only one.

Early on, this humorous yet serious list of “Games Narcissists Play” explained so much to my confused and foggy mind. By recognizing these games, I was able to stop playing some of them. I couldn’t change HIS behavior, but I could recognize the game being played and change MY responses. Or I could rehearse a response beforehand to a predictable game.

I referred to this list over and over. It helped me keep my sanity. It gave me strength to stop playing the games. Game #6 “Keep Away” was especially helpful, as it helped me stop responding to the jabs, accusations and lies. Don’t play these games. Take your ball and go home.

Games Narcissists Play

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