We All Are the Brokenhearted

I love the amazing writings of John Eldridge. He sees life in such a refreshing and honest way.  He also talks a lot about our hearts. Anytime I see something about “brokenhearted” I really pay attention.  Here is his blog about our broken hearts:

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We All Are the Brokenhearted

When Isaiah promised that the Messiah will come to heal the brokenhearted, he was not speaking poetically. The Bible does use metaphor, as when Jesus says, “I am the gate” (John 10:9). Of course, he is not an actual gate like the kind you slammed yesterday; he has no hinges on his body, no knob you turn. He is using metaphor. But when Isaiah talks about the brokenhearted, God is not using metaphor. The Hebrew is leb shabar (leb for “heart,” shabar for “broken”). Isaiah uses the word shabar to describe a bush whose “twigs are dry, they are broken off ” (27:11); to describe the idols of Babylon lying “shattered on the ground” (21:9), as a statue shatters into a thousand pieces when you knock it off the table; or to describe a broken bone (38:13). God is speaking literally here. He says, “Your heart is now in many pieces. I want to heal it.”

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Weekend Wisdom – Stop Pretending

I lunched today with a dear friend 5 years ahead of me in the post-divorce healing process. Over fabulous Tex-Mex, we shared both our food and our hearts. I shared that I had been afraid to tell my friends what was REALLY going on in our marriage and get help. Coupled with my shame was the knowledge and fear that the slighted provocation would make my husband all the angrier. There was a prescribed silence I was unwilling to break. So I carried on for years, pretending that life was fine, finding ways to cope, numbing my heart, and creating a false self.

So now, I stumble forward on this journey towards healing my heart and finding God. And not pretending anymore. I think this post by John Eldridge hits the mark:

The journey forward

click here for the full Ransomed Heart blog…..

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When You Feel Like You’re in the Wilderness

There are seasons of life that are difficult. Seemingly unbearable. For most Christian women, divorce falls into that category. Divorce is something they cannot even imagine; something that likely goes against their church upbringing and evokes fear, despair, and shame.

Some Christian writers call these difficult seasons of life “the desert”, some “the wilderness”.  No one wants to go there. Personally, I’d rather stay in a comfortable, happy place in life. Someplace like the Four Seasons Resort. I seem to spend a lot of time trying to make my life “work”, to make my life comfortable, to make my life the Four Seasons.  But there are times when I cannot make life work. As hard as I try, as much as I anticipate and control, it’s just not working. Life is unmanageable. I’m a mess. And nothing I do seems to fix it.

I think these are the times in life that God allows us to hit rock bottom and turn our face to Him. We admit we can’t make our life work. We can’t control people, places or things. Our world seems to be crumbling around us. We are broken.

This is the wilderness.

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Weekend Wisdom 8.29.15

A friend suggested that I find a spiritual “mantra” to start the day.  Positive words to repeat to my brain every morning. Here is my chosen mantra, Psalm 143:8-10. I repeat it in my bed, from under the sheets, as I’m groggily waking up each morning.

May the morning bring word Psalm 143:8-10For a period of time, as I wrestled with whether to stay in my destructive marriage or separate, I prayed this scripture and begged God to “show me the path I should take…” Friends kept telling me that God would make it perfectly clear. They encouraged me to stay on my knees and keep asking Him for wisdom and direction. He did make it clear. I pray He will for you, too.

Have a wonderful weekend, dear one!

Love and blessings,

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