Managing Your Anger

When you go through a divorce with an abusive spouse or Narcissist, there are a lot of things they will do that are unfair and unjust. They will lie, berate, manipulate, demand, create chaos and confusion, and tell others that you are the crazy, mean one. It’s just what they do…because they are Narcissists. Of course, I’m NOT saying it’s right – I believe it’s absolutely wrong. None of that is good, true, just, or fair. None if it goes along with the Christian principles that you may have been trying so hard to hold on to. Your spouse or Xspouse mistreats you because they are a narcissist, pure and simple, and they do not care about you or your response. No matter what you say or do.

I got really angry at the injustice and unfairness of it all. And sometimes I didn’t know what to do with that anger.


I didn’t want to walk around an “angry person”. I also was unwilling to shove the anger down and pretend everything was perfect. As a woman, I wan’t fully comfortable showing my anger for fear of appearing to be a “bitch”. But if and when I did finally show my rage, my XNarc lectured, guilted, or raged back to the point that it was not worth it. And he also used Scriptures as a bully stick to point out how bad or un-submissive I was.  So WHAT does one do with all that?!?!

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