Weekend Wisdom – “The Broken Beautiful”

“You love to take broken things and make them beautiful.” What a perfectly fitting song by Ellie Holcomb. Let’s listen and remember these words on our journey of divorcing and healing from narcissism or abuse.

“I know I don’t bring a lot to the table, just little pieces of a broken heart.”

“There’s healing in Your name.”

“You say that you’ll turn my weeping into dancing, remove my sadness and cover me with joy.”

“Make us beautiful.”

I hope you are having a weekend of peace and healing. I know this is hard. Let’s turn to God, and ask Him to take our broken hearts and bind them up and make them beautiful.


Thank you to the beautiful girl friends who have loved me in my brokenness and neediness and encouraged and prayed for me on this journey. To you I am so grateful!

Love and blessings,


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