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I’m trying something new….something called “Weekend Wisdom”.  These are short quotes or thoughts on faith, divorce, healing, abuse, or narcissism. Some of it may resonate with you. Take what you like and leave the rest. I find these quotes to be good reminders for my heart that I’m not the crazy one, this is challenging, but that I will be OK.

So here goes….week one!

Ever wonder why, if you are the one filing for divorce, that the abuser is SOOO angry and mean….even thought THEY are the one who made the situation so bad that you feel like you had no other option? 

divorce narcissist

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom

  1. And you this morning for this beautiful quote. 3 yrs later and no peace, even though he was the individual with the affair etc, makes this quote so relevant and somehow puts my heart momentarily at ease.

    The level of torment never seems to lesson and this sums it up. Thank you, Melissa, for this site.

  2. Kit, I’m grieved to hear that it has been 3 years and things are still hard. It reminds me of what a friend tells me every time my X2B does something atrocious: “This is nothing new. There are no surprises here.” The abuser keeps up their abuse until the Holy Spirit changes their hearts. Until then, they WILL keep sinning.

    I’m so glad these little words of wisdom give momentary relief. It reminds us to be realistic. It reminds us that it has nothing to do with us, or how hard we are trying, or how accommodating we are trying to be. This is just what they do and who they are. (Sometimes I just have to re-remind myself these truths!)
    Love and blessings to you, dear one.

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