Divorcing a narcissist or someone who is emotionally abusive will be one of, if not THE, the toughest battles of your life. It will be difficult and painful.

Welcome to Broken.HEARTED website.  I hope you find hope and healing for your heart in these pages.  If you have been married to someone who is emotionally abusive or has Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you undoubtedly have a broken heart.  But you are not alone, dear one.   Here you will find posts, links, stories and information from various sources to help you on your journey of  divorcing and healing from the trauma of being married to an emotionally abusive or narcissistic spouse.  While there are many other websites about divorce or healing from abuse, this site is focused on the unique perspective of being a Christian woman going through this difficult and confusing process.


I write a lot about my faith here, as that is what has enabled me to breathe again, to stop trying to figure it out myself, to give me courage to move forward, as well as given me a new heart.  I am grateful for the information and support others shared with me on my journey.  Now I’m sharing with you the hope I’ve found.

Love and Blessings,